Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gloucester, MA - Downpours

Ahoy its Matt. I woke up and had cereal for breakfast. Then we left Scituate and we put the main sail up. For the part were it wasn't rough I stayed down below playing my DS and was reading. Soon the storm hit and I went up in the cockpit. When we got here I got the mooring after getting the guy who took it off. Then we had soup and I played double solitaire with Nana. Then played go fish and worked in the yellow bag of evil. After that I pumped out the dink. We took Hoolie ashore and here we are in Gloucester Mass. Write to you tomorrow

We headed north from Scituate as soon as the rains let up and made it into Gloucester before the severe storm warnings took effect. Then it just poured and poured, such rain. Luckily, the rains broke just enough for us to take Hoolie ashore. More storms are due tonight and tomorrow and ... With all the bad weather we decided to have two layover days in Gloucester before continuing onward to Portsmouth. We are in no hurry and when you're retired, weather is your friend - you have no schedule. We prefer to do our northing in good weather. There's an old saying in Maine that they celebrate summer in Maine provided it comes on a weekend! It feels that way now! We heard that New York is also having lots of rain and severe storms, hopefully it won't last all summer! Hoolie was so disgusted with the weather that he went forward and curled up on our bed, all tucked in. Gloucester is having a tall ships week and I snapped a photo on one heading out in the rain.

We plan on exploring Gloucester over the next few day, wish us luck in having at least a few good hours without rain!