Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sandwich - A Sail and Dinner at Seafood Sam's

First things first, we made a trip to the honey dock (they do not have a honey boat) to make our boat fully functional again. All of Buzzard's Bay and Cape Cod Bay are no discharge areas but they do not have many pump out locations. Once past that unpleasant business, we saw the day turn sunny and warm without any storms predicted. The wind came up in the afternoon and we all went for a sail in Cape Cod Bay. The winds piped up to over 20kts and we hit hull speed with a double reefed jib and a reefed main. Full sun, good wind, very little wave action with the wind off the land, just a perfect sail.

Returning to the dock, the crew went for a swim at a local motel while the captain and admiral relaxed in the cockpit. With everybody returning around 6:30 we were off to Seafood Sam's for dinner, a great place for a large crowd but the place was almost deserted. One thing that did seem to be crowded was the boat launch at the marina. It was in constant use all the time we were there. I heard that there's a three year waiting list and they are not adding to the list even though there's a demand for slips beyond the three year limit. I can understand the attraction since the marina is so convenient to the bay and well protected.

Tomorrow is another day of exploring before Matthew's family leaves for home (Matthew is staying with us!)