Friday, September 22, 2017

Saturday or Sunday of next week? (9/30 or 10/1)

Jose just slowly dies - US Model

The waves are just too big for our liking. It may be okay for some but not for us, we like calmer conditions. Jose is slowly dying with the emphasis on "slowly." Nevertheless, he's still stirring up the Atlantic and coastal New Jersey. The only good conditions slightly visible on the horizon is for 9/30 and 10/1. The only problem is that it's always maƱana. When the anticipated day arrives, there's always another problem.
Maria is just a little closer to North Carolina in the track prediction

If the promised day arrives in view, we'll leave PYC on Friday to make the run down the coast on 10/1, Sunday. It is still far too early to make such plans but we can hope. The forecasted track for Maria keeps inching westward with every update! Every forecast keeps moving it just a little in the wrong direction. They all still have Maria rushing out to sea when reaching east of the coast of North Carolina but we would all feel better if it stayed farther away.
Just too much wind and waves for us

We continue on pins and needles!