Saturday, September 2, 2017

Oh no, Irma

(If you don't see the map, click here and pan down to the path predictions)

This is NOT supposed to happen when I want to move south! The Atlantic is the busiest I've seen in seven years of cruising down the ICW. Last year I weathered Matthew at St James Plantation near Beaufort, NC, as the eye passed directly over us. We were okay but I wouldn't recommend the experience.

The above graphic is from Hurricane Tracker. The path is very uncertain but the bad news is that all the models predict a landfall on the east coast - right in our path south! And, there's another one headed our way off the coast of Africa. Fleetwing is ready and we're hopeful for a two day window to speed down the New Jersey coast. We had intended leaving 9/11 to take advantage of favorable tides up the Delaware but the weather is boss. I'll restart the blog to focus on the weather window - or lack thereof. The above graphic puts Irma on the East Coast 9/10, right in the middle of our intended departure!