Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Irma - Selected Satellite Images

I was interested in how the marina did more than the middle of town so I put together a collection of marina pictures from the Satellite view.

The breakwater at Key West Bight was a "boat saver." The surge never topped the breakwater, saving untold millions
 in damages, not to mention keeping boats that dragged out of the marina.
Boats aground on the north shore of Wisteria Island
Garrison Bight, broken dock at right in picture
North shore of Stock Island
Stock Island Marina Village did okay

I think Key West did better than expected from a Cat 4 hurricane. All the docks at Key West Bight appear okay as does most of Garrison Bight. Now all they have to do is get water, electricity, cellphone, and sewage facilities in order. A big order but doable in several weeks at the longest. We have a dock in February!

And now on to Jose. The US model is above and the Euro model is below. The latest forecasts have Jose moving farther to the east and away from the US coast. That's very good news for those headed south. We have tentatively planned on leaving PYC on 9/18 and heading down the coast of New Jersey on 9/20. That's probably pushing it since Jose will still be around, albeit in the Atlantic but will still have an influence on wave action on the coast. We'll update our status on that as we get closer to our departure date.