Sunday, September 24, 2017

Down the coast on Saturday or Sunday (9/30 or 10/1)

Maria US model has Maria off the coast of North Carolina

The Marina Euro model has Maria farther west, much closer to North Carolina
Which to believe?

Wind and waves on Saturday, US model
A prediction for surf for Atlantic City, the waves are going down

So far the coast looks good for a Saturday run down to Atlantic City. It's not ideal since there are still swells running around 4 ft but they are out of the east and will be off the beam on the way down. However, the roughest part of the trip will be rounding Sandy Hook since the tide will be against the waves early in the morning (slack is around 5:00 am).  Once we make the turn south, all things should be better (does that sound like "famous last words??")

The US and Euro models do not agree on the amount of wind for Saturday or Sunday. The Euro shows less wind but yesterday the Euro model showed more wind. The forecast for the weekend is still uncertain but one of the two days ought to be good enough. The winds remain with a northerly component. We will be at the Atlantic Highlands anchorage Friday night to be ready for a Saturday run down the coast if the forecast doesn't get any worse.

9/6/2017 survey of Shallotte - shoaling once again!

Meanwhile, the inlets down south keep shoaling in. The newest victim is Shallotte Inlet. It was just dredged in the spring but it's shoaling in again. The Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) provided a new set of waypoints to avoid the shoaling and I included them in the GPX Routes page under BShallotte Inlet. You can see the latest surveys and a list of waypoints at ACOE Surveys of Inlets. We need to get down south in a hurry before more inlets shoal even more.