Friday, September 29, 2017

Atlantic Highlands - at anchor with 16 other boats, staged for Atlantic City

(5:30 am Update. With a small craft advisory out with gusts to 30 kts, we’re staying put at Atlantic Highlands on Saturday. The forecast changed at 3:30 am)

NYC is just an amazing sight from the harbor
Just  by pure dumb luck, the trip down the Hudson River could not have been better. We left Haverstraw Cove and caught the outgoing tide which we rode all the way to the Verrazano Bridge. We had a short distance where the tide was against us but as we came abreast of Sandy Point, we had the tide with us the rest of the way to Atlantic Highlands.  Add to that trip the north wind at our backs and no wave action at all with full sun all day. Maybe the weather is trying to make amends for all the  bad weather up until now.

I always take a shot of the Statue of Liberty. This shot was taken from about a mile away in a rocking boat,
great technology, Optical Image Stabilization
We dropped the hook at 2:00 pm and there was already 13 boats anchored. It was predicted to be a calm night so it really didn't matter where you anchored; there's lots of room just be going farther east.

We're free, we're free - on to Key West!!! (as we pass under the Verrazano Bridge
Saturday is rumored to be a good day with winds out of the north and waves less than 3 ft. They are pretty good a predicting the weather three hours in advance so we'll check in the morning but I'm pretty sure we're going. There will be a regular armada headed south!
The end to a great day. Let's hope we can say the same thing tomorrow

Once in Atlantic City, our next stop will be Cape May but perhaps not on Sunday due to a front coming through. We'll see how it goes.


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Have a great trip. I think we will postpone until next year. Here's my latest blogpost.