Monday, September 25, 2017

Down the NJ Coast - Sat or Sun

Is there any wonder that Irland gets more rain than a Brazilian rainforest?

According to all the projections, Maria is going to make a right angle turn to the east and clear the way for us to move south, finally! The forecasts for the weekend have been all over the place. It seems to vary every three hours, with every update. First, Saturday is good, Sunday is bad, then Saturday is bad but Sunday is good and so on.
Saturday Wind and Waves - US model - a little strong on the winds
Sunday Wind and Waves - US Model - better on the waves
Well, one of those days ought to be okay...

Regardless, we are heading out of the Poughkeepsie YC on Thursday so we can stage at Atlantic Highlands for the trip down the New Jersey coast on Saturday or Sunday. Our ideal route would be to overnight at Atlantic City and then round the Cape the next day and anchor out at Cohansey Island in preparation for the trip to Chesapeake City the next day (there's a flood tide to help out). That would get us off the Atlantic and decrease the nervous factor.

We've been through enough of these events to know that the weather can change dramatically overnight so we want to be at the launch point (Atlantic Highlands) for the inevitable change in the forecast. I imagine there might be more than a few boats down there thinking the same thing! If so, we'll hold a Happy Hour in the cockpit of our boat at 5:00 pm on Friday evening. Come one, come all. 


Dawn R said...

Can't agree more, the weather keeps changing, even tonight Friday appears to be an option, at the moment.

Bob said...

I'm not sure who's looking forward to your departure from NY more - you or me. Checking your updates daily to see how far you've moved, the experiences you encounter, and how Hoolie's doing is driving me nuts without new content! Safe travels, with your experience and equipment you will have another wonderful trip!

Bob423 said...

Bob, I don’t want to be a weatherman anymore! I’m convinced it’s all a shell game for anything further out than 2 days and that’s generous. We'll awake up early Saturday morning and then decide what to do. With the weather, nothing is ever certain. However, we will board Fleetwing Wednesday and leave PYC the next day to reach Atlantic Highlands Friday afternoon.