Monday, September 11, 2017

Jose - Veers close to coast ->See update at 8:42 am, 9/12US

Important update at 8:41 am, 9/12! Satellite image of all of Key West after Irma. Go to NOAA Hurricane Irma Imagery site and put your cursor on Key West and zoom in. You will find a detailed image of Key West that you can browse. 

Satellite image of Key West Bight after Irma (go to  NOAA Imagery link for more detail)

US Model
The Euro model is not much better

Well, now it's Jose. Both the US and Euro models have some tracks that result in a landfall by Jose. Furthermore, Jose is a lazy storm. It just will not move much over the next few days. Look at the points on the track labeled, 240. That's 240 hours or 10 days from now! Jose won't clear out of our way until 9/21 or later! This weather is starting to get tiresome. It's wait and see.

Meanwhile, the news from Key West on the status of the marina is sparse at best. We did get one video of a sailor that stayed on his boat in Key West Bight during Erma and took a video. Look at those sailboats lean, wow.

At least it doesn't show a disaster in Key West Bight. I wish we had more infomation. We heard that residents may not be allowed to return to Key West until two weeks from now. We're still waiting for power and the internet to be restored. I'm sure there are many people anxious to see how their boat weathered Irma. Sloppy Joes made it through the storm, apparently undamaged, at least from looking from the outside. We still don't know if our dock is still there.

Key West Bight (taken previously in Feb or Mar) 

I've shown the location of the boat taking the video in the picture above. He's tied up to the same dock we're on in February and March. In fact, the last picture from Google Earth shows Fleeting in slip E14, our slip! He said that the surge did not come over the breakwater! That makes a huge difference. It's only the wind and not wind with 4 to 5 ft waves (or more)! Most of the video is pointed towards land and the beer garden.

Our next concern is Titusville. We have a dock there from November to January every year but I know they got high winds, in the 80 and 90's at least. It's wait and see again.


jack cothren said...

thanks for the video ... i think he was lucky thru the video as he was pointed into the wind ... we had quite the hi/king/wind driven tide just missing (4 in) the highest tide ever recorded at fort pulaski , which was last oct/mathew ... jacksonville got really hammered with the same trifecta ... i'm thinking from charlestown to jacksonville will be a problem for ya

Bob423 said...

Jack, I think he planned that. I sure would of if I was on that dock. He got the video out only after leaving Key West and returning to the mainland where he posted what you saw. I can only assume he got a ride and didn't take his boat up the Keys! Still no webcams to see the harbor yet. No power, no water, no internet. There was only a 2.5 ft surge, lucky for Key West since it occurred at low tide.