Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Irma - Marathon Pictures Arrive

A very sad picture from Marathon by the anchoring and mooring field

The NOAA satellite pictures of Marathon came in today and it tells of devastation in the mooring and anchoring fields at Marathon. The city marina lost the dinghy docks and boats are piled up in the throughway by the office building.
Another view by the bridge leading into Marathon

Many boats dragged off their anchor (just about everyone) and landed on shore or up against the bridge. Less than a handful were successful in staying on their anchor. We're told that out of 266 moorings in all, around 60 managed to stay attached, the rest went ashore. Here's the link to all the satellite pictures. Just zoom in on Marathon to see the detailed pictures from space.
Here's the Marathon City Marina. The Dinghy docks are gone. The fairway has been the scene of boats
piling up from cutting loose from their mooring. 

It's going to be a long time cleaning up. On top of everything else, residents aren't allowed into Marathon yet. Boat owners can now see their boat (many ashore) but can't do anything about it! It has to be devastating.
There are a few troubling paths that weren't there in yesterday's run, landfall potential. 

Meanwhile, Jose keeps churning away in the Atlantic, following its dipsy-dooly path (a  full circle before heading north). The latest projections are not as comforting as yesterday's. They show Jose with a chance to make landfall on some of the spaghetti projections. At the very least, it will churn up the Atlantic and make life miserable for anyone heading south. The Euro model even has Jose making landfall at Atlantic City! The US model has it going out to sea. Who to believe? Wait and see.
Here's the Euro model. More paths that include landfall. Nuts. 

For us, we're still watching Jose a couple of times a day on the projections. We are hoping that it will turn out to sea and speed up just a little. At this rate, we may have to delay our tentative 9/18 departure date from PYC. It takes us two days to get into position at Atlantic Highlands for a run down the coast to Atlantic City. These projections can make you crazy.