Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jose - This is insane

Jose, US model - To The Coast! Want to try passing through that path?
Actually, the NJ coast kinda looks doable on Thursday but you would have to go
through Jose to get there unless you hugged the coast. Wind on the left, waves on the right. 

Thursday coastal forecast, not calm but you're being chased by Jose

So Jose is not satisfied in blocking all southern traffic, it's now going to continue doing that for the next few days and just for good measure, coast over to New Jersey to pay a visit there too! If you want to go south now, it's going to be through tropical storm weather. We are staying put until everything clears out, hopefully, that will be before Oct 4th, our new no-fly date.

Meanwhile, Maria is coming, a few outliers have it hitting land but at least
it's moving fast
The guidance for Maria is that it will rapidly move up the coast, not make landfall, and then go out to sea without lingering like Jose. At least that's the fantasy of the moment. We'll see what reality has to say about that. It is really hard to concentrate on doing anything with Jose and Maria hanging over us. I'm sure there are a lot of cruisers in the same boat as us but it's still frustrating!

Meanwhile, I'm working with AquaMap on enhancements to their app for better use in the US. I'm in almost daily contact with their development staff in Italy to add features of value to the cruisers of the ICW. They use NOAA ENC charts which is a big plus along with Active Captain markers so it's a good start. They also have unlimited routes that can be imported via the iPad interface to Google Drive. For good measure, their charts throw in the surrounding roads maps as well as topo charts as part of their bundle. One feature I've always taken for granted that I now find is far from standard is the display of an ETA for each waypoint in a route. I thought that was standard since my ancient Garmin 492 chartplotter does just that. It's invaluable in seeing when you'll arrive at a bridge in time for an opening. As you know, the ICW wanders a bit so a direct waypoint to the bridge will not work.  One must put in a route with all the turns and then highlight the one waypoint at a bridge where you need it to open. Having an ETA for that bridge waypoint helps in adjusting your time to arrive just when it's ready to open and not having the do donuts in a narrow channel while waiting. The Garmin 492 has this capability but Garmin told me that none of their present chartplotters do. I got the same reply when I queried several iPad app programmers. What an oversight! AquaMap will install this capability in their next release plus a few other changes I requested. I'll keep the blog updated with their progress. It's something to do while waiting for a window.


Vermontsailor said...

Skipper app also gives the ETA of each waypoint on a route and has Active Captain.

Unknown said...

Is there a way to follow your blog by getting email notice a new post has been made verses checking in each day?
Beth Tyler
M/V Lab Partners

Bob423 said...

Nile, I used to have Skipper but later deleted it when I found they only offered scanned charts and not the NOAA ENC digital charts. However, I looked again this morning in the Apple App Store and it's not listed as available anymore. I would try it again if it becomes available.

Beth, there will be a blog post every day. I never miss a day (so far in seven years). However, the blog is only active when I'm sailing or planning to sail (like now). I'll look into what options are available for email notices.

Unknown said...

Thanks Bob. I use Blogger, too. There is a Widget that is a follow me thing. People can input there email address, blogger vets it, then they get an email notice as to the posting with a link to the blog post. All auto!!
It is on the right side of my page, as example.

Beth Tyler

Bob423 said...

Beth, thanks for the tip. I added the email Widget.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Bob ... all signed up!!