Thursday, September 28, 2017

Haverstraw Cove - At anchor

It was windy but a beautiful day. The entrance to the cove is straight ahead. Favor the south shore.

We left PYC in a strong, north wind. As we headed south on the Hudson River, we recorded gusts to 32 kts! However, the magic is in going in the direction of the wind. It blew but the waves and current were with us and we made excellent time.

The north side of Croton Point was not an option and the south side is too shallow for us. We ducked into Haverstraw Cove. It offers 360 protected but it's uncharted on the map. I've been into it a dozen times and drew up a chart just for that area with waypoints on how to safely enter since there's a brick wall on the north side of the entrance under the water. Nevertheless, you can safely enter by following this chart. There is also a GPX route available here.

Hoolie's relief area, mostly discarded bricks
Once you are inside, it can howl all it wants outside but you'll spend a peaceful night. It doesn't matter what direction the wind blows, it will be calm in the cove. We'll leave early Friday morning for the trip south to Atlantic Highlands. The forecast is still good for a trip down the New Jersey coast on Saturday to Atlantic City. From there we will see what the weather brings.