Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Down the NJ coast on Saturday

This forecast I like, good for Saturday
The various models still do not agree on Saturday. In a change of form, the NOAA Coastal Forecast is actually more conservative than the grib forecast for Saturday. At any rate, we're headed down the coast on the weekend; Saturday or Sunday.
On the other hand, you have this forecast for Saturday 

For the NOAA Coastal Forecast goes:
.SAT...N winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas around 3 ft. A chance of showers
in the afternoon

So who to believe? Hopefully, as we close in on Saturday, things will become clearer.

Ann will do her last provisioning Wednesday morning and we'll board Fleetwing in the afternoon. The last time we were about to do this, we called the trip off on the morning we were due to board but that was three weeks ago! That's not going to happen this time. If the forecast turns worse, we'll just wait it out at Atlantic Highlands. There might be a crowd there!


Unknown said...

Have a great trip. We are still in Newport. Having to deal with issues with our condo so unless we can leave by Oct. 15 we are hanging it up for this year. So disappointed. But still hopeful things will come together. We still have 3 weeks!

Dawn R said...

Bob as of last nighy even Chris Parker hasn't been able to figure out the weather for this weekend yet. Right this minute we ate leaning toward Sunday departure. We will have a car in AH until sometime on Friday morning if you need a ride. Boat is Gertie.