Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jose - Hanging around but weakening

The NHC projection shows Jose slowly dying and perhaps eventually moving to the east

It looks like Jose will gradually fade away but in the meantime, it will continue to stir up the seas. A trip down the coast looks doable as far as wind is concerned from Friday Monday but you have to contend with large swells in the 4 to 7 ft range, depending on the day. On the other hand, the swells have a period of at least 10 sec and up to 14 seconds. At that rate, it's up and down but not breaking.
Maria is still projected to go out to sea

Friday through Monday actually have good winds out of the north but the seas
are still running large - although with 10 to 15 sec periods
The winds pipe up again on Tuesday and Wednesday due to Maria

For us up here in Poughkeepsie YC, it's still too much and we'll sit the weather out until Maria passes by on Thursday. After that, it's the normal October weather to contend with. We are tentatively aiming for a trip down the New Jersey coast on Saturday, 9/30. By that time the seas should have subsided and the winds normal for that time of the year out of the north. This has been a terrible year for waiting!