Sunday, September 10, 2017

Irma - Key West Videos

9:44 PM update, none of the webcams work. Key West is still without power and internet connection. Apparently, cellphone towers are out too. Time to wait and see. Meanwhile, no one knows where Jose is going - no one. The spaghetti tracks encompass the entire Atlantic - it's just too soon to know. The only news is that the Hemmingway house is okay as are all the cats. I don't know how they got that info. 

Mike Theiss is a National Geographic Photographer & Storm Chaser. Founder of Ultimate Chase Storm Video. He's in Key West by the marina where we stay and he's sending videos out as he can. I recognized all the places he shows! The power is out in Key West and so are the webcams but some videos are still getting out (satellite feed?)

This is on the way to the Strunk hardware store in Key West on Eaton Street taken around 8:00 am, 9/10

This is the Conch Harbor Marina in Key West Bight, taken around 8:00 am, 9/10

This is the swimming pool by Dantes, I walk by it everyday. Taken around 8:00 am, 9/10