Sunday, March 29, 2020

Key West - Wyland, birdhouses, yellow flowers

Wyland's art on the wall as well walk in the morning
There is an artist that paints sea scenes all over the world, Wyland and he has a mural in Key West too (see photo). His murals are all over the world and he periodically renews the paints as they fade with age. We see this one every morning when we go out for a walk. We will occasionally walk down Duval Street to see him at work when he's in town.

If one is good, why not eight?
We took our usual walk on the shady side of the street and Ann took photos for use in her paintings. We've fallen into a routine of Ann taking an art class from Great Courses that's free if you have a library card from any public library. You can download Kanopy as an app to your smart TV or Roku or Amazon Firestick and take any of the Great Courses for free. It's a great way to learn a new skill. All the courses are taught by college professors or leaders in their field and are professionally done, highly recommended.

I liked the illumination from the back
For some people, one birdhouse is not enough but then some seem to go overboard! At least there's no shortage of housing down here for birds. While Ann takes a Great Courses study, I just catch up on all the SiFi titles I've missed over the last two years. Altered Carbon is one I'm into now, a great series while Ann takes the How to Draw from a professor at Washington State University.


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Highly recommend Altered Carbon. How is the Duval road work going? Saw that the city/county moved up a lot of road work since the streets are empty - good thinking on their part.