Thursday, March 5, 2020

Key West - Farmer's Market and a great fish sandwich

Where did all these people come from?? (on the Duval Loop bus)
Every Thursday from 10:00 to 2:00, there is a farmer's market by the Coast Guard exhibit boat at the Truman Waterfront.  We needed fresh vegetables so off we went, riding the free Duval Street loop bus. The market had a good layout with three vegetable vendors along with many other vendors selling all kinds of items. At one we bought a french sandwich with cheese which was fabulous when we heated it in the oven on the boat. We stocked up on tomatoes, grapefruit, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, and a few other odds and ends.

Step 1 - buy fresh fish!
The trip back was something else. We found a seat but after that, I think the entire south side of Key West wanted to visit the north side of Key West. It was standing room only on the bus. I think they need more buses to run the route. At present, there are only two buses.

Step 2 - prepare it using Paula Dean's recipe
We've had fish sandwiches at BOs Fishwagon and Schooner Wharf they were all beat by Ann's fish sandwich tonight! She used the recipe by Paula Dean and it was outstanding. When you find recipes like that, it spoils you for like fare when eating out. We bought the fish from the local fish market and it was absolutely fresh. It's the same market that supplies fresh fish to all the local restaurants. My choices for what to eat when eating out is narrowing. Why pay for something that we can have at home that's better! Well, sometimes it the cook's night out.


Beth Tyler said...

Glad all is well in KW. The link to Paula Deen fish recipe goes to a Food Netwrk web page saying “page not found”. Tried to google it, but there are 10+ PD fish recipes. Probably all good, but would love to see how Ann prepared it.
Thanks in advance.

Bob423 said...

You should be able to copy and paste into a browser.