Saturday, March 21, 2020

Key West - Manatees and a fish catch

Aww, how cute
All short term visitors are to leave by Sunday afternoon at 6:00 pm. That doesn't include us since we have a long term (greater than 28 days) lease on our slip. It's eerie to walk down streets that used to be full of people to find them now empty. They were telling people on moorings that they had to leave if their lease was less then 28 days. I can't imagine where they would go, all the Keys are closed just like Key West, it's the same county mandate.

Nevertheless, the manatees are still here and we saw a mother and her calf this afternoon. They were just in front of Fleetwing, not moving very much, just lazing around. The calf kept very close to its mother.

The captain was very happy
On the way back, we saw a fishing boat pull in with a nice catch. I don't know the type of fish but the captain seemed very satisfied with what he had! Somebody will have good eating tonight.


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Those look like dauphin - Mahi Mahi - from the tails.