Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Key West - Work Day and the local scene

That's the Waterfront Brewery in the center and Turtle Kraals at the left, they always seem to have a crowd
The weather has turned warmer and the crowds have come out! We were out walking Hoolie this afternoon and a huge busload of tourists got off and were evidently part of a group that signed up for a "walking tour". There were so many of them that it was impossible to get by them on the sidewalk. They just stood around in a clump, blocking everything.

They have turtle races every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
However, Hoolie can get through most any crowd and he weaved his way around and we followed. They parted like the Red Sea. Hoolie is not feeling his best. He likes to "sample" the local cuisine that he finds along the sidewalk and sometimes it doesn't agree with him, causing "rapid transit". Ann gave him some Kaopectate and that seemed to calm the "emissions." 

Meanwhile, we are going to stay put for a while, at least until 4/9 before heading north again. Then it may be a couple of weeks at Marathon followed by a week at Marine Stadium. We'll reassess the speed of the trip north at that time depending upon what's happening north of us. We feel secure here, isolated on our boat.


Cheryl said...

Hi Bob. Was wondering if Waterway Guide is going to publish a list of marinas closing, etc? Similar to hurricane season. Heard today that Ft Pierce Marina is closing for 30 days. Fueling stops may get fewer too.
We are in Marathon and headed north next week.
Stay well.
SV Renaissance

Bob423 said...

Cheryl, yes they will, tonight or by tomorrow at the latest - and then keep it up to date with calls by Waterway Guide editors.