Sunday, March 15, 2020

Key West - A visit with friends

The wide-angle lens of the iPhone 11 distorts the image somewhat but you get the idea
Boating is a small community. We've all had similar adventures (or rather misadventures) and it's easy to share the things that can go right or wrong while on the water. We try to learn from the experiences of others on the water which is a way to increase the enjoyment of each of us. None of us are immune from things we wished we had done differently. That's part of boating, or for that matter, anything in life.

It's the "Golden Hour" in sunlight on the brewery, still a crowd there
So we sit and chat about the 1 to 2 percent of the time when things don't go as planned in the hopes that we all learn and possibly help us in the future to enjoy cruising more - without such excitement. Nobody is so perfect that they don't have mishaps to talk about, certainly not me. 

All alone
We have been deserted on our dock. There's no boat on either side of us now. We're told that there's a fishing tournament scheduled for April and the boats are already arriving but we've seen very few so far. The spring breakers are still with us but perhaps not quite in the volume of last week. The cruise ships are gone for at least a month so that empties out downtown some during the day. Meanwhile, we are isolated on our boat and enjoying the warm weather with no rain for the next week and temperatures peaking in the low 80s, nice.