Friday, March 6, 2020

Key West - Fishing boats on our dock

Cleaning fish catch number one
One side of E dock is a facedock. It's a favorite place for big boats to tie up. Recently, there has been two fishing boats that go out every day. I guess some people just like to fish. Today one came in and I saw them cleaning a fish so I went over to see what was happening. He had three fillets prepared which were fine but then I saw what he had laying on the dock. It was a 50 lb wahoo! Now that is a good eating fish! 

I didn't see this fish until I started to walk back to Fleetwing - wow. He said it weighed 50 lbs!
He was busy using his fillet knife which is ultra-sharp and he wasn't using any type of protective glove. The slightest slip of the knife, and there would be blood everywhere, at least if I were doing the fillet. He handled it flawlessly.

The last preparation was the wahoo and I'm sure they had some of it for dinner that night, what a beautiful fish. We have only left our slip once since we've been down here but the two fishing boats behind us seem to go our almost every day.

The high winds have returned to Key West. It's blowing 20 to 25 kts now and it's predicted to continue that for the next few days. At least it's not cold, just windy.