Monday, March 30, 2020

Key West - Statues as art?

A nice addition to any yard, I can see it in my front yard now...
Key West is home to a number of would-be artists. They try to make their own mark, some are good, some are something other. As I was walking around the harbor walk, I sampled a few of the local tries.

On the other hand, it's hard to picture this anywhere - but Schooner Wharf
Several are by the Marker Hotel and one was by someone associated with Schooner Wharf. Our custom continues to walk in the shade since the sun is so hot at this latitude.

By the Marker Hotel
The statues make an interesting diversion along the way. I don't think I would want to buy one for New York but in Key West, it's fine, I guess.

Waterfront decoration
We continue to press on. The governor of Virginia just announced a stay at home order carrying through until June 10th! That is seriously impacting our plans since we wanted to be at Stingray Point Boat Works at least by June. We normally get there by May 15th but with the delay, we were hoping for a June arrival.