Sunday, March 22, 2020

Key West - Closing Down

Schooner Wharf only has takeout - no music

Today was the day when all the tourists had to leave. Key West is a ghost town. The restaurants had to close but could stay open for takeout if they wanted to. At first, many restaurants did stay open for that but gradually they closed when no customers showed up. The restaurants charged the same prices for take out as for a sit-down meal, not many people wanted that bargain.

The windjammers are losing business big time
Anyway, as of 6:00 pm, all the tourists were to be gone and no more were to come in. I can still see flights arrive, they fly near the marina. Supposedly, there are no tourists on board, just locals. Walking around the harbor gives you an eerie feeling, like a scene out of "On the Beach".

Normally jammed with people, not anymore
We walk Hoolie three times a day but do not touch anything. I think someone could make a fortune selling 20 second timers you start with your elbow. We certainly practice that procedure enough during the day.

Still we have sunsets - but Mallory Square is closed
We also discovered the app Zoom. It runs on your tablet, smartphone, or PC. It's super simple to set up and you can form a meeting and invite your friends or family to join. Everybody can see and hear everybody else. It's a great way to keep in touch in these times of social distancing, especially since we're so far south here in Key West and our families are up north. Day to day, it's great weather but it's hard to relax with all the news.


Fred Brillo said...


Not sure yet how this will affect transient boaters passing through Miami and Palm Beach... But it's a sign of more things closing down!

Bob423 said...

Fred, if you can find out whether transients can still get fuel and water on their way through Miami and Ft Lauderdale, that would be very helpful.

Fred Brillo said...

As of now, in Miami-Dade, rafting of boats is not permitted. On weekends there are several sandbars along the ICW that boaters congregate to in large groups, and raft up, negating the social distancing requirement. so no closures of Marinas or ramps in Miami-Dade.

In Palm Beach, the marinas and boat ramps are closed as are the sand bars where people are rafting up to party.

The ICW appears to be unaffected. That said, the governor is asking that all non essential businesses close. Not sure yet how that will affect fuel sales along your route.

I ll post here when I find out.

Fred Brillo said...

Im told by a reliable source that the Ft. Pierce Marina is closed to transients!

Bob423 said...

Fred, we're aware of Ft Pierce being closed.

Fred Brillo said...

By the way, the fish that are in the picture are known locally as dolphin, or Mahi or Dorado!

Stay safe! Wash your hands!

Bob423 said...

Fred, thanks for identifying the fish. I’m no fisherman, I don’t know their names.