Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Key West - Walks in the shade and alleyways

Eaton Street Seafood Market still has takeout but no eating outside
We always go out for a walk in the morning before the heat of the day. In this day and age of social distancing, the walks are somewhat modified. We were headed away from the docks and as we walked on the sidewalk, we saw one person headed our way. As he got closer, he stepped out into the street (there's no traffic!) and walked by. When I looked back, he had returned to the sidewalk. He had maintained the requisite 6 ft easily and then some.

It's becoming a common occurrence on our walks. We even do it. We saw a man walking a dog towards us so we crossed over the street with Hoolie on the other sidewalk and continued on, it's become second nature. When standing in line at the bakery shop, the people stand 6 ft apart. It looks a little strange but as time goes on, it looks less strange every day. Such as the times.

Schooner America 2.0 is locked up tight, waiting for the virus to subside
We use Winn Dixie's home delivery today to get groceries. Our "shopper" identified herself via IM and we chatted back and forth as she looked at our list and tried to find the items we had specified. It's in real-time. She couldn't find a few of the items and even said the bagged salad I had listed didn't look so good. I told her to buy what looked best and to substitute similar items for other things on the list if they didn't have them in the store.

When she was done, she texted me when she was leaving so I met her at the end of the dock and loaded the cart. The cost by the month was $15 and there was no extra delivery charge above that if the total of the groceries was above $35, we easily passed that hurdle. However, I did give her a good tip. We are really loaded up on boneless chicken breasts. It's like a universal meat and there are a zillion recipes for dinner with chicken breasts.

We continue to bide our time, watching the news occasionally, we can't take the news all day, just in small doses. The route into Key West is still blocked and they are turning away hundreds of cars with people that are not residents of the Keys. As one person said, we are the nation's largest gated community. The virus ought to die out if the people that have it are isolated and no new cases are allowed in. We'll see.


Shirley Sherer said...

Your shopping experience sounds very familiar. Raechel and I have been shopping that way for years. She's in pretty much constant communication via text while she's in the store and sometimes even sends a photo of an item she has a question about. Most often she is asking me if I want items she finds on sale--she has a great talent for finding good deals.