Saturday, March 28, 2020

Key West - What do the charters do when there are no tourists?

What to do all day if you have no business?
We've been here 10 years and we've known Dennis for the same length of time. He runs a sailboat charter called Breezin that takes tourists out for a sail three times a day when there business. He has a five-star rating on TripAdvisor with 208 reviews where every single one is the highest possible rating of "Excellent". So what does Dennis do now that there are no tourists to take out for a sail, well just look at the photo. He's been in Key West doing this for the last l7 years, he's not hurting.

Nice beach, no people allowed
The beaches are closed for the most part. We have such wonderful weather and yet the beaches are closed. It's all for the best, I guess. Key West can be isolated by cutting off entry via US1 so it should be a test case of how to control an outbreak. If you can't stop it here, you can't stop it anywhere. So far, we have 19 cases of the virus, most travel related but not all. We'll see how it goes. At this rate, it may be June before we head north although we're hoping for a much earlier date. It all depends on how things progress. At any rate, we feel very safe here, not so much on the way north.


Dawn R said...

We're in Marathon, mooring is paid up until 4/20. We agree with you guys, we're in the best place, if that changes we'll leave but for now staying put. Not to mention it's still cold up north.