Thursday, March 26, 2020

Key West - Bien and takeout

Bien - A common theme, order at the counter - take out
If you want to eat out, take out is the only option. However, the choice of restaurants is very limited, only a few offer takeout. For most restaurants, especially the upscale ones, there's not enough business to justify staying open. Bien is the second-highest-rated restaurant in Key West. It always comes out near the top in all rankings. It used to be a gas station but it was converted into a restaurant of the highest quality food.

They never did have much of a seating area - but the food made up for it
They have remained in business to offer take out and we'll be partaking of their Caribbean menu over the next few weeks. You can no longer eat outside due to the town restrictions but we'll take it to the cockpit of Fleetwing and have a feast.

For those that thought you would get away without a flower photo - think again! These are all over one side of Bienh
The US1 roadblock goes into effect on Friday. No one is allowed in except residents. The coronavirus total now stands at 12 for Monroe County which includes Key West. I expect a few more cases before things level off. At least there are no more people coming in.

As you would expect, the weather is stunning for going north but we won't be able to take advantage of the favorable winds. Here we sit until things settle down, hopefully by the end of April. We have our fingers crossed.


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

This FB Group (BarTab Magazine) is doing a good job listing places open for take out in KW. I've always found them a good source of info when we visit.