Saturday, March 14, 2020

Key West - An Art Stroll down Duval Street.

Key West Gallery - a good chat
The crowds seem to be thinning out just a little so we decided to take a talk down Duval Street to see what the art galleries had in store. The best art gallery in all of Key West is Gallery on Greene but we wanted to explore other galleries so off we went.

The Wayland Art Gallery is always interesting
The first stop was at James Coleman Art Gallery which wasn't too great. They had some of the same paintings we saw there two years ago. Then we went across the street to the Key West Gallery which had a better selection of artists but nothing we wanted, I mean, where would we put it on Fleetwing?

We love the alley flowers
The next stop was at Wyland Art Gallery of Key West. Wyland was due to give a demonstration that evening but we just wanted to see the paintings. Ann met the art guide and had a chat, she enjoys that.

Ann will probably try her hand at painting this one
Then it was a slow walk back along the back alleys where we knew from the last time we were there of flowering trees which we wanted to see. Some of the best views of Key West flowering plants are in the alleyways not usually frequented by tourists. I took photos and Ann, no doubt, will paint some of them. I have a list of the best alleyways. We'll try some more tomorrow.