Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Key West - Diver Day, closing up, Cuban Coffee Queen closes

Peak activity time in Key West
Normally this time of the month we would be getting ready to leave Key West to start our trek north. I had scheduled a diver to clean the bottom and replace the zinc but since we were not leaving until much later, I just had him replace the zinc. Somewhat to my surprise, the zinc was less than half consumed! I attribute that to the zinc fish I put overboard and attach to the shrouds that supplements the zinc on the prop. The zinc used to be completely gone without the overboard zinc.

The Marker Hotel - boarding up the garage (it has no other doors)
I walked Hoolie around tonight and images of Key West look like a scene out of On The Beach, completely deserted. The Marker Hotel was putting up plywood to cover the entrance to their garage, I guess that means they plan on being closed for a while.

A most sad photo
The Cuban Coffee Queen was not open at all, much to our surprise. I thought that since it was take-out food, it would be open all the time but that is not the case. Maybe there just was not enough business to justify staying open. BO's Fishwagon looked open but there was only cook around and nobody was ordering fish sandwiches. I'm sure Key West will recover but it's going to take a while and nobody knows when this current crisis will end. Ann continues to paint and I work on my Facebook page. It's a good thing we have excellent internet.


Bob said...

Bob - glad you and Ann are making the best of it. Just a thought - your regular photos capturing the normal day to day activities of KW and other stops along your travels are excellent. The pics you are now getting of a closed down KW capture history in the making. While sad, they paint a more detailed image of the life and culture that is re-shaping not just KW, but our country. Keep it up, keep safe, stay healthy. Hugs to Hoolie.