Monday, March 9, 2020

Key West - We provision and more escapees from PYC arrive

It's just a few supplies for Fleetwing living, lots of wine too
Eventually, we have to buy supplies. If it's not too much, we can just ride the bus over and back for a grand total of $2 for the two of us. However, what we bought today was too much. We could never have carried it on the bus so we called Uber. I ordered the largest van they offered for $20 and Uber appeared at Winn Dixie in less than 4 minutes which is much better than my experience with taxis. He even helped us unload the supplies.

Nice to see Allen and Susan White
Now we are set for the long haul. We will be here until at least 4/11 and perhaps even longer. We are in no hurry to head north. The high winds continue in Key West with the highest gust today clocking at 31.5 kts! With that wind, nobody is moving.

Spring break has started in Key West. College kids are all over the town. We saw one truck rented that had the bed in back loaded with kids, elbow to elbow. It's still quiet at night and we sleep undisturbed.

The Conch Republic restaurant was going strong, it's nearby
Allen and Susan White dropped by to see us today. They are staying in Marathon but spent the day in Key West so naturally, they had to visit Fleetwing. It's always nice to visit with Poughkeepsie YC members down in warm weather in the winter. They will be putting docks back in the water pretty soon while we've never left warm weather!