Thursday, March 12, 2020

Key West - Manatees and Brewery

This is typically all you see of a manatee in the water, just his back, not too exciting
We have a lone manatee in the harbor. He doesn't do much, just lies around and floats to the top of the water every now and again. He attracts Hoolie's attention when he's close to Fleetwing but otherwise, we don't notice him. With spring break in full swing, he always attracts a crowd. I remember from past years that we used to have many more manatees around, up to a half dozen.

It's quite the manufacturing hub, all gleaming metal for beer
We have a Waterfront Brewery at the end of our dock that started up about three years ago. They make all their own beer and they have their own brewery in the back of the store. They had a side door open so I thought I would take a peek. It's all gleaming metal in large tanks, brewing away I guess. I'm not a great fan of beer except for the smooth tasting varieties like Fat Tire from Belgium.

I'm in the process of updating the 2019 ICW Cruising Guide to include all the latest charts. Nothing else will change, just the charts to reflect all the dredging done over the summer. I hope to get it published by the beginning of next week so it will be ready for those going north in the spring. That's a big advantage of "print on demand" that there's no backlog of previously printer books that has to be cleared out. Once you submit the update, the next printing will be new.