Friday, March 27, 2020

Key West - Places with Takeout - The Dirty Pig

It's nice inside with a large area for the Blues band and plenty of seating
Restaurants come and go in Key West. Some stay around longer than others but new ones are always popping up. A welcomed addition is The Dirty Pig which is a barbeque restaurant serving North Carolina style BBQ. They are located in a place that must attract the local residents in order to be successful since they are off the main drag. They specialize in Blues music and they attract a crowd.

The most important part of the restaurant is the BBQ cooker which starts up at 6:00 am every day.
However, like everywhere else in Key West, they are currently only doing takeout. Well, actually, almost all restaurants are closed, only a few are continuing to do takeout and The Dirty Pig is one of them. They have a number of trophies on display from awards they've won in touring competition. From what I've had (before the shutdown), the awards are well deserved.

It will be cook's night off Saturday or Sunday and we'll take a plate of BBQ over to Fleetwing and dine looking out over the water in 77F weather. We are quite isolated but well situated, it's just wait and see what happens. US1 was closed off today which only furthers the isolation. No boats are allowed into the Keys so we ought to have a very controlled environment which ought to be a good thing. We're biding our time.


wjs said...

The Dirty Pig is occupying the site of the beloved Finnigan's Wake, an Irish pub that closed a few years ago when it's owners retired. It was a favorite of many of the locals, plus regular visitors to KW, and was sorely missed. I think that you've been there. There were two or three startups there since that failed, so it's good to hear that Dirty Pig has gained acceptance.