Friday, March 13, 2020

Key West - Affected?

It doesn't appear to be much slacking off yet
Looking at the local scene, I really don't see much reduction in activity. The party boats still look full and there are lots of people crowding the sidewalks. This may be the last day of spring break so there may be a change next week.  One big change announced today was the cancellation of all future cruise ships docking in Key West starting 3/13, today. For us, that frees up Duval Street so we'll take a walk down it Saturday and look in the art shops. We haven't been much on Duval Street yet.

Even the floating Tiki Bar is doing business as usual
Meanwhile, Ann is working on her painting while I'm down below updating the ICW Cruising Guide with the latest charts from all the dredging completed over the summer. There are extensive changes to be made and perhaps some boaters will want a current guide book for their spring cruise north.
Our home in Key West, just chillin out on the back of Fleetwing

I've also updated two presentations to be made 3/19 over at Stock Island Village Marina but I'm starting to suspect that may fall prey to the virus restrictions, I don't know yet. If it does, I'll do a televised event over Facebook. Meanwhile, we plan on staying out of crowds and just taking it easy down here in warm weather.


wjs said...

That Tiki boat doesn't look very crowded. I heard that it's $55/hour and BYOB and no toilet. What fun!