Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Key West - Virus free blog site

The house (?) doesn't look like much but oh those flowers
I'm tired of all the news - so from now on, I'll assume you've heard enough about that subject. Let's just enjoy some pretty pictures!

This si a typical key West house - two-story and well kept
We like to take afternoon walks and enjoy some side trips through local alleys that have well-kept plantings. Some houses may look well worn but they almost always have great beauty surrounding them in the form of flowers. 

The owner put a little thought in his garden by the front door, nice
We like to admire the flowers and plants and forget about everything else. The weather is in the 70's with no rain, full sunshine, what is it we have to complain about? Life goes on and Ann paints in the cockpit while I work in the main salon on boat stuff over the internet. We are both very content, what else matters?

If we stay through the end of our reservations, we have two more months of this, I think I can take it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Bob423 said...

Come here for virus news relief!

wjs said...

No jazz, no beer, no happy crowds to boost you spirit, and can you even trust the take-out pizza? But look at your surroundings - the flowers, the harbor, Hoolie and 5 o'clock wine in the cockpit - not bad. Wash your hands often and enjoy!