Monday, March 23, 2020

Key West - Palm trees, seagulls, and beautiful weather

He was rather bold
The seagulls are getting a little bolder. Normally, they do not mix with the pelicans who reign supreme. With the thinning out of the crowds and the attendant drop-offs in handouts, there are fewer pelicans which is a boon for seagulls. Still, it's not seagull heaven, just a few more around.

I've become fond of palm trees
We are still in the dry season in Key West. We haven't had rain for more than a couple of weeks. The palm trees don't seem to mind and I think they have their own beauty in the spread of the leaves against a blue sky background.

We now have a clear view of the horizon given that the big boats ahead of us are all gone. 
The crowds are all gone now and we're a day into our 14 day stay at home time period. Key West is not very big. If people can just isolate for 14 days, the virus will play out and go away. However, anybody coming into the Keys can bring in a fresh infection. Given that Key West's economy is based on tourism, that's a tough thing to prevent - or sell to the local businesses that depend upon tourists for their livelihood. They are giving it a try, we'll see how it goes.