Monday, March 2, 2020

Key West - Shell Factory and Yours and Mayan

Key West has conch shells!!
We wanted to go through some of the shops by Mallory Square so we looked at the calendar for the day with the fewest number of cruise ships docking. That turned out to be today with only one ship so we headed off. The first stop was the Shell Warehouse mainly to look at jewelry. Ann looked but didn't find anything she wanted.

Lots of choices but nothing of interest to Ann
The next stop was the best art store in Key West, Native Colors, but the proprietor was away at lunch so we struck out there too. He has original art from around Key West but unlike most of the stores in the area, the art is actually pretty good. We bought a hanging sculpture the last time we were in Key West for the back porch.

Yours and Mayan sells handmade art from Peru
There is also a local art group, the Key West Art Association, that shows paintings only from permanent local artists. Ann was not impressed. They would do good to get some outside talent into the club. Then it was a walk back to Fleetwing with a stop by Yours and Mayan. Such is a typical day in Key West. Perhaps not exciting for some but just right for us, especially when followed by wine in the cockpit at 5:00!