Friday, March 20, 2020

Key West - Social Isolation in a Sailboat

Social Distancing in a sailboat
How do you practice social isolation in a sailboat? First, you clear out boats on either side and in front. Then you get the ones off your aft end to leave. That leaves you with a buffer zone of 20 to 30 feet in all directions. Now, the cockpit is already 40 feet away from the dock since we're bow in so all of that makes for a pretty good isolation situation.

Social Distancing - Marina style - step up to the window but don't come in
Apparently, that's not enough for the commissioner of Monroe County who is directing all nonresidents to leave by Sunday, including those at a marina with the sole exception of those with a long term lease. Since we have already paid up through 4/26, I would think we would be able to stay but nothing is certain in these times anymore. We will find out more tomorrow.

About how we feel - prickly, unwanted, etc.
Meanwhile, we went grocery shopping this morning at the local store which is halfway between a supermarket and a 7/11. They had a huge 18 wheeler parked out front dispensing boxes and boxes of groceries. We shopped in the store and got everything we came for except orange juice. We are good for about a month before we need another big grocery trip.

Of course, in the middle of all this, the weather is glorious. Now that all the tourists have gone, the weather couldn't be better with no rain and temps in the 70s. We'll see what tomorrow brings on how the nonresident rules apply to us with our "long term lease".