Saturday, February 29, 2020

Key West - Our company leaves

There's always a band at Schooner Wharf - and people dancing
Everybody is headed north again. We've lost all our company and we will be by ourselves for the next five weeks. We will now settle into our Key West routine of walking in the morning and enjoying the warm weather. We will head over to the Gardens Hotel Sunday evening to listen to their version of jazz music. It's a different experience from the Green Parrot, more upscale - a different environment which we also enjoy.

It may be 64 out but people are still dining out under the stars
Bill Washburn and Bill Spence came over to say goodbye. They are leaving for points north tomorrow and gave us the leftover wine in a box which we consumed while they were here. We will wait out all the craziness of the virus down here in Key West and let everything sort itself out while we're in warm weather. We're determined to take our time heading north too.A week at Marathon, a week at Marine Stadium, etc. Just no rush to go north this year. The new agencies seem intent on producing "click baits" for headlines. The worst the headline, the more people that click on it and the more money the advertisers get, I guess. We are done with that game. I think we are starting a news blackout for awhile.