Friday, February 7, 2020

Key West - The Dirty Pig BBQ restaurant

It's off the beaten path, just north of the parking garage but it was full
Today was SUPER rainy! My brother, Finn, was sleeping in the cockpit when the rain started around 5 am. Around 6 am he came downstairs to the main cabin so he wouldn't get wet. The rain went on until 12, then things started to dry up. After the rain, my family went for a drive in the rental car to get some lunch. We ended up finding chain restaurants, Popeyes, Sonic, Five Guys, all of those. We finally found a place very close to the seaport we're docked at called, um, what was it... Oh, right! Something like conch republic seafood co. So we ate there. I think I ordered the conch burger, without veggies. After, we got back on the boat (That burger did not like my digestive system!), and I took a 3-hour nap. After my nap, It was time for our wine, well, I had grape juice :(, so y'know. I think I used my tablet a bit after that (Just built a casino and the temple of doom in Minecraft! in 1 day!). And then we went out to get some dinner at the Dirty Pig. I was, of course, still full from the conch republic seafood co, but I ate everything on the plate, which was 3 pulled pork sliders. They also had a live band there, and I kinda liked that. For some reason, whenever I took off my Hoodie, I got super cold. Odd. I don't really think I'm ready to go back to Pennsylvania, because if I can get cold here, I can get SUPER cold up there. It is a bit late, so I don't think Finn will be doing the guest blog tonight. Well, that was all today. Bye!

I guess it's appropriate that a blues band should be cast in a blue light!
We were guests of Carrie and Mike tonight so we went to a new BBQ place that just opened a couple of months ago, The Dirty Pig. It's based on the North Carolina style of BBQ, more of a vinegar type of sauce. They certainly have the act together as far as the food, it was very good. To my surprise, the place was packed on a Friday night. It has become very popular and for a good reason, the food. They also have a band every night with the emphasis on blues. On the other hand, the service was slow due to the crowd.

The winds are due to abate and the temperatures to rise on Saturday. We will be looking forward to that. The crew has one more full day in Key West before heading back on Sunday.