Saturday, February 15, 2020

Key West - We see Peter Vey and I'm feeling better

We both love his use of color and light
Today was a day of recovery and I'm feeling much better. So far, Ann has not caught it but it's still early for that and I don't want to jinx the outcome. Mostly, it was just boat work, slowly but progress nevertheless.

The gallery is beautiful but Peter Vey's paintings are the star
The big event of the day was for Ann to see one of her favorite artists in Key West, Peter Vey. He had a reception at Gallery on Greet Street which, by far, is our favorite gallery in Key West. Peter Vey's paintings sell in the $15,000 to $30,000 range so we cannot afford them but we like to look and admire.

Ann comes alive like nowhere else when talking shop with another artist
She was able to talk to Peter for about 15 minutes on painting and she enjoyed every minute of that. Peter paints in oils with a palette knife which gives a unique style to his work. You can see some of his paintings from the website link above. If you're in Key West, be sure to drop by the gallery, it's worth the trip.