Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Key West - BOs gets a new roof??

That's a brave guy up on top, there can't be much under him for support
One of the most dilapidated establishments in Key West is BOs Fishwagon. Nothing is ever replaced, nothing ever wears out. You know when it's closed because they put a piece of rope across the entrance. The musicians complain that when it rains, their instruments get wet - and that can be an expensive problem for some.

I guess it's okay if the patrons get wet, it's part of the attraction and who cares about the musicians? However, if the cooks get wet, that's another matter! The "repair", if you can call it that, was located over the "kitchen" such as it is. The whole place is just a food cart surrounded by tables and chairs and trees that have accumulated over the years.

All that said, they stay in business because of the excellence of their fish sandwiches. They don't overload their sandwich with sauces and such, it's the fish fried just right on a great bread roll. We plan on going over on Saturday night to listen to Barry Cudo, we hope, if he's back.