Saturday, February 1, 2020

Key West - A day of rain but Barry Cuda at BO's Fishwagon

Barry plays a plain piano, nothing fancy - definitely not a keyboard. He wheels it all over Key West, right down the streets
Today was SOo0Oo0Oo0 rainy. You couldn't even go for a nice stroll outside without it pouring on your head every few minutes. That was pretty much all today. Let's see... I started a crystal growing kit that I got for my birthday, we watched an Indiana Jones movie. After a while, Grandpa and I went out(When it was not raining, but we didn't make it back in time :(. ) to get some hot dog buns for dinner, and right now we're chilling in 16-knot winds. When Grandpa and I went out, we were drenched. I had to put on a new shirt. That was pretty much all we did today. When it rains here, and if it rains this hard here, we have limited options on what todo. Again that was all. Bye!

BO's Fishwagon is a very original place, definitely old Key West
Rowan was right on about the rain. It started last night and continued all day, off and on, until 4:00 pm or so. A day of rain is rare in our experience here in Key West. It's supposed to be the dry season this time of the year.

Barry sings along with the songs he plays
The big event of the day was going to hear Barry Cuda play at BO's Fishwagon. He's our favorite musician in Key West. We had heard that he was not going to be around this year but it was a false rumor. Barry plays the piano but nothing recent, just old time tunes. He's an institution in Key West and wherever he plays, he attracts a crowd. He usually brings along other musicians that like to play with him. Nobody uses sheet music, they know every song by heart. We just enjoy his music and will go wherever he plays to listen.

Sunday should be a better day and we'll do some exploring.