Sunday, February 16, 2020

Key West - The Green Parrot for jazz on Sundays

Good to listen to!
There are certain places in Key West that you must go to at some time. They are the essence of Key West. One such place is the Green Parrot bar on Whitehead Street. They always have live music but it's special on Sunday afternoons where they feature jazz.

Yep, that's a parachute over the bar
We always make it a point of dropping by Sunday afternoons to listen to their jazz band and whoever happens to drop by to do some solo jazz. This time we found a seat and could actually sit, a rarity at the Green Parrot, usually it's standing room only. I bought each of us a beer and sat back to listen to the music. They also feature free popcorn throughout the day so we had several servings of that too.

I hope they don't run out...
As it turned out, all of the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club members in Key West dropped by too and joined us. We had two former Commodores (Bill and Bill), and two professional party-goers that used to own a vintage wooden boat - well, you know about wooden boaters, not to be trusted after a little imbibing of the spirits. That left just the two of us to keep order in the house and we did just that, I think, the memory is a little fuzzy after the mandatory beers.

At any rate, fun was had by all and we plan on repeating the event next Sunday afternoon, drop by and join us. We'll get there around 1:30 or so and stay until 3:30 or later. Remember, if you're in Key West, you must stop by at least once to pay your respects to a very unique, open-air, bar.