Sunday, February 23, 2020

Key West - A new tradition, The Green Parrot on Sunday afternoons

Our band for the afternoon
Every Sunday morning we have donuts or at least pastries. There's a great bakery nearby, Old Town Bakery of Key West. They don't really have donuts but rather pastries such as sticky buns, cheese danish, scones, and other varieties typical of a bakery. it's always fresh and there's always a crowd so be prepared to wait if you arrive around 8:30 to 9:00.

A good crowd but not packed wall to wall as usual
Our second tradition on a Sunday, at least in Key West, is to take the free shuttle to The Green Parrot to listen to jazz in the afternoon. We get there around 1:30 and stay for a couple of hours. They have a great band on Sunday afternoons and we enjoy the music. I'll buy Ann and I a Belgium beer along with the free popcorn and just sit and listen to jazz.

We had a little excitement on the way back. We were waiting for the free shuttle to arrive when it pulled in and clipped a car behind it. (Note to self: don't park your car next to a bus stop). Everybody had to get off the bus to await the arrival of the police. After a 15 minute wait, the next bus arrived and we proceeded home, no problem.  Another day paradise!