Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Key West - Rowan's parents and brother arrive!

Rowan is one happy kid to have his mother back
Today my parents and brother got here, so that's good. Tonight we got dinner from the Cuban coffee queen. I had a grilled cheese. I also heard our cat, Aku died :( :( :( :(. I'm still very sad, but we will get some chickens in the spring, so yeah. I finally got to show off my Minecraft creations, including a MASSIVE, high tech bee farm, a space shuttle THAT CAN GO INTO SPACE, Boeing's new starliner capsule, That was constructed in real life to go to the ISS, so I had to make a space station, and soon to come, an underwater base. Finn and I got presents from Our Aunt Monique, and that was very nice. Those were the things that I liked today, and that was all that happened today. So, I guess, bye? That was all, I'm not joking. So, yeah, bye!

Finn and I took a walk down Duval Street when taking Hoolie out tonight. The Bull is still there!
Today, Rowan finished the last of his schoolwork, mainly math, so he could enjoy time with his family in Key West. I think they got up around 3:30 am to make it to the airport on time for a 6:15 flight. They must be beat. Rowan was all enthused to see everyone and spent all evening showing them everything he did.

Nobody felt like going out for groceries for dinner, so we sprang for Cuban Coffee Queen Cuban sandwiches. They are always filling and good. Our goal on Wednesday is to sail in the afternoon. I imagine the tribe will sleep in late (except for Rowan, he's an earlier riser) and then we'll get moving for the afternoon adventure. Winds are predicted to be around 15 kts, perfect for the crew from up north.

The weather has turned warmer with a high of 80 today and the same predicted for Wednesday. It's very nice to sit out on the back of the boat and talk the night away. There are no bugs in Key West, at least where we're at in the Bight. Everything is opened up.