Saturday, February 8, 2020

Key West - Barry Cuda and our crew departs

It was Saturday night so Barry was playing at BO's Fishwagon. It's always good to hear Barry
Last full day in key west :( :( :( :(! I have to say, I will miss this place. We took a 4-mile walk down Duval, to do all the things we wanted to do in Key West. We got lunch at a place called Viva Saloon. And something really odd happened to Finn today. All the chickens now call Finn the chosen one. We were sitting down on the cruise ship docks, and as soon as Finn sat down, more than five chickens came out and looked him dead in the eye. Spooky. Hmmm. Ummm, what else... We got a few souvenirs. I got 2 key chains, one for me and one for my teacher, and 2 paintings. The painting had the US's southernmost point and the other of the Key West famous Cuban Coffee Queen. I thought I might put one on my desk at school. After all, they had to be small so we can take them on the plane. After our 4 mile walk, way after, we walked to the Sails to Rails museum. Why it's called that? In case you didn't know, well, you might if you've been on vacation here, The 8th wonder of the (Modern) world went up from Key West to Homestead, Miami. And, you might have guessed, it was the Flagler overseas railroad. Named after Henry M. Flagler, the creator of the Florida east coast railroad and many hotels. This train bridge was more than 7 miles long, yet it was destroyed 2 times by hurricanes and was blown out to the Gulf of Mexico. So it would make sense to make a museum honoring it. My legs are still are weak, VERY weak. Finn probably mentioned his ukulele. He had to return it because he rented it. We returned it a day late, but they didn't mind. Well, that was all to~ Wait! we walked to the southernmost point! A big concrete thing that says, "Conch Republic, 90 miles to Cuba, Key West southernmost point." Probably the most famous thing on the iland. We, of course, got a picture with me in front of it, but we couldn't get a picture with the letters. There was a line, a VERY long line, to do that, so that was a no. Alright, THAT was all! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Key West flowers are starting to come out
The crew departs Sunday morning at 6:30 am in order to catch their flight back. It's been a great week and I think Rowan especially enjoyed his stay. He writes pretty well for a 10 year old! I corrected a few spelling errors, mostly just capitalization but the flow of words is all Rowan. It will be quiet next week.

We will be settling down into our Key West routine of exercise in the morning, a walk in the afternoon and listening to music in the evening. We will be visiting our favorites and you're invited to come along for the ride. It will definitely be low key but then that's Key West!