Monday, February 3, 2020

Key West - The aquarium and Mel Fischer's museum

But what if it went "BOOM" just then??
Well, today there were, wow, really things todo! We started out with a walk, then breakfast, and then school. Math was the most confusing part of school. We had to add and subtract mixed numbers with models and you have 2 use equivalent fractions to rename numbers to, um, I'm already stuck. But today's highlight was when Granpa and I went 2 the aquarium, where we saw turtles and lobster and sharks and all that sealife. We were offered the chance to feed a few fish, and, well, I refused because, well, the stuff they feed them is just plain gross. There wasn't anything more to do in there other than a touch tank, which, again, gross, so we left. The aquarium was not that big, It was really a large hallway, fish tanks all around the walls, 2 BIG tanks in the middle for the turtle and sharks, and on the starboard side, there was a pathway leading to an outdoor tank with a BUNCH of big fish, and 2 tanks for alligators on the starboard side. Since, like I said, the aquarium was small, we went to the Mel Fisher Museum. In case you didn't know, 

We saw this manatee along the way in the harbor
Mel Fisher is a famous treasure hunter that moved to Key West in search of the wreck of the A... um. I forget the name of the vessel, but he came here to find a sunken Spanish galleon. He did find multiple artifacts including iron and gold ingots, lengths of gold chain, and even an emerald cross that all belonged to the shipwreck. Over time, the government was longing to have those artifacts, so claimed ownership of the artifacts. Fisher took this to the supreme court and after 8 years in the legal prosses, the court said, "Finders keepers." Fisher kept searching for wrecks until he died of some sort of cancer. Today, Fisher is remembered by the museum and his son, Kid fisher, who continues his father's treasure hunting business to the present day. So yeah, we went to the museum and saw cannons, anchors, flintlocks, and other items recovered from dives his crew went on. In the section on pirate artifacts, they had a station where you try to make certain knots that sailors used. The only one I could make was a basic cleat, which I already knew how to do because I use it to tie up the dingy when we go out. When I looked on top of the station, I saw a knoos, witch is, well, um, nevermind. Then I looked up. I saw what looked like a REAL skeleton, just peering out of the top left corner of the gallery. Have things gotten 2 spooky? Well, I think I've completly wasted your time, so ima go. Bye!

You see this scene all over Key West
Wow, I guess Rowan had a lot to say about our walkabout today! There are lots of things to do in Key West and Mel Fischer's museum is especially good. I think Rowan enjoyed the cannons the most. He loved to stick his head in the barrel for picture taking. They used to have a large gold ingot that you could touch but I didn't see that there today.

Carrie and family are due to arrive Tuesday afternoon on a whirlwind trip from up north, just for a few days until Sunday. We will certainly get out for a sail with the full crew which we always enjoy in Key West.

Now it's time to get the boat ready for visitors, lot of stuff to move out of the aft cabin!