Thursday, February 13, 2020

Key West - I get a head cold

Hoolie was the start of the show at Faustus supermarket, everybody wanted to pet him
I came down with a head cold last night and it's miserable. You're not supposed to get sick in Key West, I think there's something in the brochure about that. So here I am in paradise and moping around the boat, not good! It's cold medicine tonight and early to bed for me.

The freeloaders all lined up for the evening feed of fish
The worst thing is that Ann will probably get it too and with her history of allergies, it could turn into something worse.  There's nothing to do now but wait and see. I'm going to bed and it's only 7:15!


Marty said...

I hope you fell better!

Marty said...

feel typo

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you and Ann will have had your flu shots. Never-the-less there is a tough flu going around in Florida that, with "older" patients and the very young has led to pneumonia. BTDT and it "ain't" nice, remotely! If I were you I'd get myself and Ann to a Walk-In Clinic (aka "Doc-in-a-Box") for a check up and perhaps a Z-Pack to fight off whatever you may be afflicted with. Don't fool around and"self medicate", Vitamin C, Asperins and OTC cold remedies are not sufficient.


/s/ Scott
s/v HyLyte