Friday, February 21, 2020

Key West - New things

Used to be a parking lot
When we first came down to Key West, there were lots of empty lots but as the years went by, they were replaced by condos and restaurants. The hotel pictured above used to be a vacant lot where cars were parked. We came back one year and found The Marker hotel in its place.

Moved from Duval Street
Just a 1/2 block away is another new establishment, the Only Wood Grill restaurant. It used to be near Duval Street but moved this year to the waterfront. They feature a massive wooden grill imported from Italy. We haven't eaten there yet but we'll give it a try later on. Key West is booming. It has to be one of the best places to find good food anywhere.

The winds have arrived. They are due to blow in the 20's for the next three days and since they are from the north it will cool things off a bit, but only into the 60s at night. Based on past experience, we expect to see the locals in full hoodies and long pants if not down-filled parkas. Your blood thins out in this tropical weather.