Thursday, February 6, 2020

Key West - the crew explores the eateries

$90/ft a month here, out of our league, The Galleon
From Rowan
Today there WAS stuff todo. Let's see... My family and I went for a walk to Mallory Square, so we could get something to eat and drink. We were going to get something from the island juice bar, but the line was AGONIZINGLY LONG!!! While we were waiting there, we saw 2 chickens, a rooster, and a hen, fighting on the branches of a tree. Then another 2 roosters jump on top of the roof of the bar. And the thing is, seeing a chicken fight really isn't that rare. Hm. After a while, we found a little place called Falafel King. It didn't look like a very good place to eat, but their food is amazing. Just so you know, falafel is a middle eastern food that is pretty much a vegan chicken nugget. Not saying that in a bad way, it's pretty good. After a while (And lots of people saying, "My legs are tired."), we got home. Well, we got on the boat, and we had our wine. Something kinda funny, my brother, Finn, has to use the public restrooms because he can't fit in the boats' bathroom. In a little, we will go back home, and this time I mean HOME, not the boat. Mom and dad told me that a package got to our house, and apparently, it's for my birthday. and, mom told me that it was a lego set of the International Space Station!!!!! Another thing to add to my lego space museum, and you probably didn't know that I do, in fact, have a lego space museum. I got a buncha lego space sets for Christmas, and I started making those (One of those sets included the Saturn 5 rocket, and that was a day's work.). The table that the museum is on is very cramped, so first I have to assemble the ISS, then string it from the ceiling. That was all. Bye!

Guest blog by Finn
Hello everyone if you don't remember me my name is Finn. I was on the boat for about a month and a half and now I'm here on vacation. I thought I would make a little blog for myself just for today. it's been interesting being back on the boat after all this time. when we crossed the bridge to Key West a crazy amount of memories came too me. Mel Fischers, the wreckers museum, and even the old schooners coming out to take people on sunset tours. it was just as I remembered. there have been some changes though. I have been dabbling in guitar and I had missed it so I rented a ukulele and just started playing. I learned a good amount of songs such as Over the Rainbow and Hotel California. I also discovered I had a good voice so I can sing along with the songs. Anyways I have gotten off track. so we started the day off with the Cuban Coffie Queen wich I can now enjoy and believe me I see what all the rave is about. Their coffee is to die for. We had some work to do in the morning so it was uneventful but the afternoon was the highlight. we were just walking down the street looking for something to eat when we came upon a little hole in the wall restaurant named the Falafel king. the place was a little underkept and the walls had cracks in them but the food was equal to a top-notch dining hall in France. we decided to visit the place next time we come down. we walked around a little bit after and headed back to the boat. Tonight the plan is to go to Duval street and grab some dessert. Anyways coming back to this place has been a blast and it really has brought back some memories but there must be an end to this blog post so I guess this is goodbye fellow sailors.      

If you want to save a little money, A&B Marina is only $85/ft for a month. Whoever said Key West was cheap?
Well, what more to say. Rowan does the regular blog as part of his duties aboard Fleetwing but Finn wanted to contribute for old time's sake. I guess the memories live on. Key West and boat life have a way of living on long after you've departed the boat. One of the good things about Key West is that lots of chefs like to retire here. They come and open a small restaurant as almost a hobby but they do outstanding work in serving delicious meals. I think the crew found one such restaurant today.

It was too windy to sail today with winds topping 25 kts and they are predicted to be in that range for the next three days at least. It really puts a crimp in the local tour boats that offer snorkeling and such. It's just too rough to be in the water snorkeling. The weather is warm, up to 80, but too much wind. Once inland, there's no problem with the wind and we can enjoy the sights and sounds of Key West. 


Nile said...

Of course we remember you. Do you still like Calamari? One of my favorite stories on your grandfather’s blog.