Monday, February 24, 2020

Key West - Boat work and a fast boat

I wonder how fast it is?
Evidently, there are those that like to travel fast. We saw one such boat at the fuel dock (where else?) at our marina. I know they race them in the ocean but I wouldn't want to be on one with 4 to 6 ft waves! I'm surprised it has only two outboards.

More boat work today with the forward head, enough said about that. My articles for Waterway Guide were published today. Here's a link if you want to see what I wrote at Waterway Guide magazine.  My articles are there on pages 28 and 40.

We are finally getting over our colds so how we will start planning our eating out better. The Green Parrot has a promising band Tuesday night so we'll go and see what the fuss is about. After that, we'll mosy on home and have dinner at Schooner Wharf, probably a fish sandwich, they do it pretty well.

Turtles Races!
In taking Hoolie out tonight, I came by the Turtle Races held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. at Turtle Kraals.  They put four turtles in the race with each one numbered and they "race" up an incline to a checkered finish. One turtle got within 1 foot of the finish line and stopped! Every yelled and coaxed him to continue which he eventually did to the cheers of everyone.